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“TeleHealth Services”
a Renewed Focus in Response to Covid-19 Pandemic.

telehealth patient on cell phone

How TeleHealth services are serving a significant role in both Healthcare Professionals and Patients lives right now.

A video call with a patient in another city or country may have seemed like an impossible idea a decade ago. Yet, with growing technology by leaps and bounds, TeleHealth is here and transforming healthcare. Clinics, hospitals and health providers have started to accept telemedicine and made it a part of their medical practice, more access to connect with patients than ever before.

TeleHealth technology has seen massive expansion in the last few years.
Specialized screening and diagnostic devices, cameras, monitors and sensors, all of which provide patient data and health metrics into telemedicine software which helps doctors gain a greater understanding of their patient’s health. Unlike other video calls, telemedicine offers an attested means of evaluating health and treating patients remotely as it is based on health data sharing and communication.

14 Benefits of Mobile TeleHealth Services

● Follow-up care is hassle-free with TeleHealth services. This ensures that patients dedicatedly get check-in with their doctors without having to visit their clinic.
● TeleHealth improves the convenience of receiving treatment by allowing patients to receive care without traveling long distances.
● Expand care to rural areas where accessibility to health services may be limited. Remote access to a Smartphone with better internet connection is all that is needed for volunteers or health professionals to get help for patients in rural areas.
● With mobile TeleHealth live health monitoring is possible now. Both medical professionals and patients can engage with each other at any time, wherever they may be to ensure that the patient’s health parameters are being tracked.
● Patients can avoid falling ill by limiting their exposure to infections which they may otherwise encounter during hospital visits, with help of Mobile TeleHealth services.
● Basic infrastructural essentials needed for mobile TeleHealth. A better internet and Smartphone with a front camera is all providers and patients need to carry out a video consultation for any health concerns.
● With this service patients can connect with various specialist care (E.g. To oncologists, radiologists, kidney specialists, surgeons etc.) This may not be available in their city. This is explicitly useful for providers for medical tourism, to consult with patients planning to visit them from others all over the globe for medical care and for post-treatment follow-up.
● Apart from reducing time, mobile TeleHealth services also bring down healthcare costs. Constant care means improved health outcomes for patients and increased allude for doctors, generating more revenue.
● With basic training any doctor can use Video consultation services on mobile just like Skype and video call.
● Reduce the volume of phone calls, text messages, and emails that providers often need to address from patients. Booking slots for an appointment corroborates you would not need to answer patient calls round-the-clock.
● Providers can make audio/video communication with their patients just like other video consultations on mobile. By this they are able to see and communicate to patients in real-time, monitor their health reports and make an assessment of their health.
● Providers can set fees for TeleHealth services on mobile consultation fees and collect payments for consultations to ensure they are accordingly remunerated for their time.
● TeleHealth can allow physicians to bill for uncompensated phone calls while also extending hours to capture more billable time. TeleHealth cuts down on no-shows and can improve the efficiency of a practice.
● TeleHealth can increase clinical workflow efficiency. It can serve as the conduit for quicker prioritization of care delivery, triaging each case and improving communication by capturing, storing, and using patient data for better medical decision-making.

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