Getting Started with Speedy Claims CMS 1500

desktop-iconOnce you install the program you will find an icon on your desktop that looks like this. The black background will be different depending on what your desktop looks like but the icon will be the same.
Double click this icon to open the Speedy Claims program to begin setting up and using the Speedy Claims.

The first window you will see is the registration window.


If you have purchased a license please click on the Register button. If you are ready to purchase a license please click on the Purchase button. If you are using the program free during the trial period please click on the  Register Later button.

Once  you choose one of the options the program will open. The first time it opens you will see a message that you have to make some settings choices.


Click OK and go to the Settings page. When you first go to the Settings page none of the options will be selected. Here is the most common setup selections. We will address these each separately below.


Box #24 – Total Charges – This setting determines how Field 28 Total Charge – handles the math of Fields 24F and 24G. Most folks set it to “With” multiplied Days or Units.

Program Protection Password – If you want limit access to the program then you can set a password that will be required to open the program here.

Box #26 – Patient Account Number – If you use your own system to assign account numbers to patients select No. If you want Speedy Claims to create one for you click Yes. Speedy Claims creates the account number using the first three letters of the last name, the first two letters of the first name  and the first 4 numbers of the patient birth date. My account number would be PERDA0827.

Check for Updates Automatically – Always yes.

Claims List Double Click Behavior – I will go into more detail about this in a later. If you are a therapist and do a lot of repeat billing for patients with the same issue then you will want this to be Open Claims for New Copy. If you are a GP and seldom see the same patient for the same issue you will want this to be Open Claim for Edit. article

Print Zero Dollar Amounts – is almost always set to NO. This typically applies to Field #29 Amount Paid.

Print the Decimal Point in ICD Codes – According to the National Uniform Claim Committee and Medicare, the decimal point should not be printed on the form. If you wish to print it then select Yes.

Default Print Type – If you purchase the pre-printed red CMS 1500 forms then select the first option. This choice will print only the data into the appropriate fields on your forms. If you want to print the form as well as the data you have two options. Print the form in black and the data in black or print the form in red and the data in black. We suggest you purchase the forms if you are mailing your claims as many insurance companies will not accept ones you print yourself. If you fax your claims in then printing the form will work for you.

Scrub Warning Before Print – We have a built in error checker called the Scrubber. It can check your claims for the most common mistakes BEFORE you print them or send them in. But turn off this warning as it will get irritating and you can manually opt to check them at any point in time.

Default Form Type – Always select 02/12.

Database Path – Disregard this unless you are installing on a network.

Once you have made your selections be sure to click on the Save icon at the top of the page.


You can return to the Settings page any time by clicking on the Setup Button in the lower left of the Speedy Claims window.


Thanks. That ends this article.


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