Electronic Billing

Using a clearinghouse to save time and money!

Speedy Claims

You've heard about it, you've read about it, you've thought about it.

You already know how fast you can create a claim with Speedy Claims, now use it to get paid faster too!


You'll save money

If you send 200 claims per month through the mail you'll spend $120.00 on stamps alone. You can send up to 200 claims electronically through a clearinghouse for only $75.

You'll get paid faster

You know how long it takes for you to get a check when you submit a paper claim? Compare it to getting paid in just a few days to a week.

You'll get paid for more claims with less rejections

The clearinghouse uses sophisticated error checking software to make sure your claim is "clean" before they send it to the insurance company. They'll even double check your diagnosis and procedure codes to make sure they match properly. Your claims will be submitted more efficiently and with fewer errors or omissions. That means faster turn around time and fewer returned or denied claims.

You'll always know the status

The clearinghouse date and time stamps your claim every step of the way. The insurance company can no longer say they "did not receive" it. You can check the status of your claims or review detailed reports 24/7.

Go Green

Electronic claims is the Eco-Friendly way to submit claims. Reduce your carbon footprint and decrease the negative impact on the environment. No paper - No ink - No envelopes - No stamps.


It is EASY...

It is very simple to create electronic claims with the Speedy Claims software. You simply create the claims as you normally do. Then instead of clicking on the printer button you click on the electronic claims button.

It is Fast...

Speedy Claims uses the "clearinghouse" method for claims delivery. This is much faster and much more efficient then submitting direct to each insurance carrier.

If you submit direct to 20 different insurance carriers you'll have to go to their portal, login, upload claims, logout, then do it 19 more times at 19 different internet sites. Then, to check the status the next day, you'll have to do it all over again 20 more times.

A clearinghouse is like an electronic post office. You'll send all your claims to them in ONE file. They'll sort them out and send them to the right place and in the right format. Then they'll gather all the status reports from the insurance companies and post them for you to review 24/7. Everything in one spot. One portal, one login. They charge a fee but can save you a lot of time and frustration compared to you trying to send your claims individually.

In addition, clearinghouses will check your claims over for errors before sending them on to the insurance company. If you upload direct to the insurance company you take your chances. Remember, they are looking for a way to NOT pay you.

Do you need to send claims to a company that says they will only accept electronic claims from "XYZ" clearinghouse? Don't worry, they'll route those claims through the XYZ clearinghouse as a matter of course.

SpeedySoft has done the legwork and research to find reputable clearinghouses and partnered with these top level clearinghouses to provide you with a range of services you need at prices you can afford and with a high level of customer service and satisfaction.