CMS-1500 software / HCFA 1500 software

CMS-1500 software / HCFA 1500 software

cms 1500 software ledger
cms1500 software ledger

The Ultimate Patient Invoicing Solution

Speedy Claims Ledger is the ultimate addition to Speedy Claims and avoids the need for separate billing software or double data entry. With Speedy Claims Ledger you invoice your patients right alongside your claims.

This simple to install add-on for Speedy Claims gives you a comprehensive way to easily complete customer invoices. The same fill and print functionality you love about Speedy Claims and a detailed record keeping system that allows you to track insurance and customer payments quickly and easily.

Speedy Claims Ledger is fully compatible with all versions of Speedy Claims, including Speedy Claims Flash, Speedy Claims PRO and of course the original Speedy Claims. When you combine the power of Speedy Claims with the efficiency of Speedy Claims Ledger you have an synergistic tandem that give you complete control over all your medical billing needs.

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Available in the Speedy Claims Suite