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  • Want to be more proficient at bringing in revenue for your Medical or Dental Office?
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SpeedySoft has partnered with Merry Schiff, Certified Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist, Certified HIPAA Information Specialist, instructor, trainer and author of multiple books and courses teaching medical billing to offer her courses for your medical billing education.

Merry has over 50 years experience in all aspects of the medical billing profession. Including being very involved in development of the first electronic claims software for the State of California and training/supporting over 1,000 practices. She developed the medical billing course for Kaplan University and was the lead instructor for over 1,500 students. She was also the Founder and Executive Director of NEBA - National Electronic Billing Association from 1996 to 2017.

Whether you are the person who wants to be trained to be proficient in a medical/dental office, or need a refresher course on one or more aspects of medical billing, consider these courses.

"My first love is teaching medical billing to students." Merry Schiff
Medical Billing

This course will focus on the basics of health insurance by introducing students to the differences between the various types of health insurance policies. Private plans including commercial insurance will be discussed as well as government plans such as Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, Workers' Compensation and COBRA.

The differences between managed care and commercial insurance will also be covered. Medical terminology relevant to the basics of health insurance/medical billing is introduced.

This course will introduce the student to the medical billing industry and provide an overall foundation to which the student should use to determine if this is the right career choice for them. This course will also provide a general synopsis of the claim process, but will NOT teach the student medical billing.

It is our purpose to introduce the student to the world of medical billing and also provide them with an overall foundation of the industry and help them gain a good understanding of the additional education required to become a medical biller.

With our additional courses, every student will receive FULL SUPPORT from us, should they chose to decide the industry is right for them.
Understanding Health Insurance

The purpose of this course is to teach the student about Blue Cross and Blue Shield, commercial insurance, managed care, workers’ compensation, automobile accident Insurance, personal injury claims and COBRA.

The student will learn about the history of Blue Cross and Blue Shield and the different types of plans offered by them. The course also covers the different types of individual and group commercial insurance plans.

The student will learn about the different techniques used by managed care plans with the intent to reduce the cost of health care while improving the quality of care.

The course explains how workers’ compensation insurance provides medical coverage for employees who are injured while on the job.

The course covers how automobile insurance may be responsible for medical services that are received as the result of an automobile accident as well as personal injury claims.

COBRA is explained along with the impact of the Affordable Care Act may have on it
Coding and Modifiers for the Medical Biller

This course will focus on the building blocks of the language of medical coding; diagnosis codes (ICD-10- CM International Classification of Diseases), procedure codes (Current Procedural Terminology), and the national HCPCS: (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding Systems). Modifiers, which are specific digits that are appended to the procedure codes, are reviewed as well.

This course will provide the student with an opportunity to apply medical codes to specific claims using the standard CMS-1500 (rev 02-12) for this purpose as well as using coding references to familiarize themselves with the coding process.

Evaluation and management codes (E&M codes) as well as medical decision-making, which refer to the complexity of establishing a diagnosis and procedure for a patient, will be reviewed.

Though a medical biller does not normally do the coding, the student needs to know the process of how the physician determines the codes for submitting to the insurance company and well as documenting these codes in the patients' medical record.

The course also explains the practices of Bundling, un-bundling, up-coding, and down-coding.

Medical terminology relevant to the coding systems that are used for medical billing will be covered.

This course will also introduce the student to the National Correct Coding Initiative used by CMS to determine correct coding edits.
Life Cycle of the CMS-1500 Health Claim Form

This course will walk students through the entire process of obtaining reimbursement for medical services from the time the appointment is made until the services are paid in full.

The CMS-1500 form is the standard claim form that most insurance companies require to process the payment of outpatient medical services. This course focuses on providing the student with an understanding of all the fields on the CMS- 1500 (rev 02-12) form, including the NPI (National Provider Identification), the secondary insurance, and the modifier fields

The course also covers the patient billing process, understanding and working aging reports and will introduce students to information related to electronic medical records and e-prescribing.
Understanding Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE

This course will teach the students about Medicare, the federal health insurance plan established by Congress for seniors and certain people with disabilities. The course covers all four parts of Medicare and the intricacies of the complex Medicare billing system.

The student will learn the covered services of Medicare Part A, B and C (Medicare Advantage Plan) and how Medicare for people who are working is handled.

The course will teach about Medicaid and how each state is responsible for designing and maintaining a program that provide medical services to low or no income families.

The student will learn about TRICARE, the program designed to provide health care services to military members and their families. The course covers the four regions of TRICARE as well as the different types of TRICARE coverage available.
Reading EOBs, Working Denials, and Filing Appeals

This course will cover information about reading remittance advices and understanding how to interpret the information. Different formats of remittance advices such as paper EOBs, ERAs and MSNs are introduced.

The course also explains the importance of correctly entering the data from the remittance advices and how incorrectly entered information can affect the billing process.

Included in this course is information on how to handle errors on the part of the insurance carrier, correcting claims filed with incorrect information, how to address common denials, and how to file appeals on denied or incorrectly paid medical insurance claims.

The course also covers how to track appeals and adjustments.
HIPAA and other Federal Regulations for the Medical Biller

This unit will give the student a detailed overview of HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The student will learn why HIPAA was created and what it was designed to do.

This unit explains how HIPAA is broken into five sections and the purpose of each section.

The student will learn about fraud and abuse, along with examples of each and what the penalties may be.

This unit explains the Medicare Integrity Program and the Unique Identifiers established by HIPAA.

Electronic Transaction Standards are explained along with HIPAA’s privacy and security regulations.

The student will also learn what constitutes personal health information (PHI) and how it must be protected

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