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SpeedySoft has done the legwork and research to find reputable providers for ancillary services for your office.

We use these services ourselves and highly recommend them!

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Are you seeking more and better ways to make it easier for your patients to pay? Would you like to explore potential opportunities to reduce card processing costs?

Empower your patients with self-service payment options, such as online, mobile and IVR, you will improve receivables collection and overall patient satisfaction. We can help you expand payment choices and channels to maximize opportunities to collect. And right now you will receive a $100 statement credit back when you sign-up for payment processing by June 30, 2018 and activate within 30 days.*

As one of the nation’s largest healthcare-focused payment processors, we appreciate how important collecting patient balances is to the overall health of your practice. That’s why we have partnered with SpeedySoft to offer you secure, flexible payment solutions.

Let our dedicated, knowledgeable sales teams put their experience to work for you. We’re available to evaluate your current payment processes and offer guidance on the latest solutions and transaction security. Our friendly, experienced 24/7 customer service team is ready to provide training and support to ensure you get the most from our solutions.

Contact us at 855-601-9802 or We can answer any questions you have as well as help identify potential opportunities to reduce card processing costs.

carbonite backup

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Probably the saddest thing we hear from our Speedy Claims users is "My computer crashed and we lost all our data." And we hear it nearly every day.

It is very important to create a backup of your data every time you close Speedy Claims. It is just as important that you store that backup somewhere else as well. If it is only on the computer and it crashes you have weeks of work ahead of you trying to restore your patient records.

We have used Carbonite for years. You set it one time and then never touch it again. And never worry again.

At $5 a month I consider it very cheap insurance.

Click here for a free trial.