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SpeedySoft has done the legwork and research to find reputable providers for ancillary services for your office.

We use these services ourselves and highly recommend them!

carbonite backup

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Authorize credit cards, debit cards and checks almost instantly.

Have your fee before the client leaves the office. No more bounced checks!

Contact Brian Lewis at for personalized service and low rates!


carbonite backup

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Probably the saddest thing we hear from our Speedy Claims users is "My computer crashed and we lost all our data." And we hear it nearly every day.

It is very important to create a backup of your data every time you close Speedy Claims. It is just as important that you store that backup somewhere else as well. If it is only on the computer and it crashes you have weeks of work ahead of you trying to restore your patient records.

We have used Carbonite for years. You set it one time and then never touch it again. And never worry again.

At $5 a month I consider it very cheap insurance.

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