CMS-1500 software / HCFA 1500 software

CMS-1500 software / HCFA 1500 software

cpt procedure code software
cpt4 procedure code software

Speedy Scheduler is the fastest and easiest way to keep track of your patients, your appointments and your tasks.

Productivity is the key to success. Managing time properly brings more efficiency. The ability to schedule certain time slots for certain events will let you lay out your requirements to ultimately be able to successfully accomplish more.
Be both productive and efficient with Speedy Scheduler

easy cpt procedure code software
Select and search daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly schedules with a simple and user-friendly interface.

fast cpt 4 procedure code software
Speedy Scheduler integrates directly with the Speedy Claims for speedy and ease.

comprehensive cpt procedure code software
Loaded with features, it can display calendars from daily to yearly and can be used for multiple doctors or providers.

reliable cpt procedure code software
Never forget an appointment or overbook again. Speedy Scheduler's "at a glance" display tells you instantly the status of a timer period.

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Perhaps its greatest benefit is having no conflicting scheduling with clients. For example, if you put the client into the system for a specific time and then changes need to made, it could be easily done. This is different from books used to write in scheduling. At times they are unreadable but you can get rid of this problem by using the Speedy Scheduler software.

Speedy Scheduler is simple to use and full of powerful features:

  • Day View
  • Week View
  • Multi-Week View
  • Year View
  • Timeline View
  • Add Multiple Physician Scheduler to Display
  • Fast and Easy to use Date Navigator
  • Keyboard and Short-cut Support
  • Quick Event Creator with Quick Patient Selection and Costumed Messages
  • Event Recurrence
  • Reminder
  • Save and Restore Scheduler Layout automatically
  • Appointment Capabilities
  • Data Exchange with Microsoft Outlook (Coming)
  • Export (XLS, HTML, TXT, XML) and Printing

Ultimately, your ability to organize and stay in control of everything gets easier. Your business can grow as your clients stay happy with your new method of organizing.

Available in the Speedy Claims Suite