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Speedy Claims SUITE quite possibly represents the best value imaginable for your unique medical practice. We've bundled our industry-leading Speedy Claims engine together with our most popular software add-ons providing you with a 360-degree solution at only $24.95 per month. There may be no other company that offers the quality and completeness of services that are included in our Speedy Claims SUITE.

cms 1500 software
• Speedy Claims CMS-1500
• Speedy Ledger
• Speedy Scheduler

• Lifetime Support
• Lifetime Upgrades
• Lifetime Updates

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Speedy Claims SUITE includes the Speedy Claims CMS-1500 AND Speedy Ledger
+ our most popular add on Speedy Scheduler.

Speedy Claims makes insurance billing easy. Clearinghouse ready or you can file paper claims.

Speedy Ledger makes patient billing easy. You simply invoice your patients right alongside your claims.

Speedy Scheduler makes keeping track of patients and appointments a snap.

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Speedy Claims Suite

Includes all the great features and benefits installed on your computer!

Print onto the preprinted red forms or print your own forms using red or black ink.

Send your claims electronically via a clearinghouse.

Switch to Cloud at any time!

hcfa 1500 software
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Speedy Claims Suite +CLOUD

Add the security and convenience of the cloud to the powerful Speedy Claims Suite.

Access from anywhere using only your browser! Nothing to download!

Full access for MAC, Windows or Linux users. Use any browser from any platform.

Security from Ransomware! Never worry about hacking again.

Automatic updates and upgrades. Always have the latest, most up to date version meeting government standards.

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