Medical Billing Software in the Cloud

Work Remotely and Safely

Now you can access your SpeedySoft programs from any where, at any time, using any computer or device with a web browser. Yes, even a MAC!

Log in to our virtual desktop system and you will see the familiar SpeedySoft program you have been using all along. It looks the same and functions the same. No complicated new programs to learn. Just Freedom.

Using SpeedySoft Cloud based programs helps protect against data loss and increase accessibility. Migrating is easy and safe and our stellar support team will be glad to help you transition to the cloud.

All of your existing data and settings will migrate to the cloud. It is nearly effortless for you.

Speedy Claims Cloud

Speedy Claims
$30/mo + $25 setup fee
*This is an UPGRADE from your existing Speedy Claims desktop version. If you do not already have or use Speedy Claims click HERE for options.
☑ Unlimited Access
☑ Redundant Backups
☑ Stress free migration
☑ FREE Support
☑ FREE Upgrades
☑ FREE Updates

SECURE - Ransomware is real! Protect yourself and your business by migrating to the cloud. No more worries about losing your data because of a computer meltdown or hackers!

SAFE - Your data is backed up daily to TWO data-centers in different regions of the US with HIPAA grade security. Redundant backups provide twice the peace of mind!

CURRENT - All application updates are automatically applied during scheduled maintenance windows. You will always be using the fastest and most secure version available.

ACCESSIBLE - Access the application and your data from anywhere using your web browser and secure login credentials.

This is, by far,
the easiest software
I have used!
Francis Young
Billing Specialist


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