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Brother printer not printing
Posted by Dan Perrine (Import), Last modified by on 12 April 2010 01:59 PM
Certain models of Brother printers will not print claims from Speedy Claims.

Typically what happens is that when you click on Print the printer runs a sheet of paper through but does not print anything on the paper.

1. The most likely cause is that many of the Brother printers that are still on the shelves are not "Vista" compatible printers. Brother has a site where you can download new drivers that will make them work with Vista. http://www.brother.com/E-ftp/windowsvista/us.html It appears that the XP drivers will not work on Vista and Vista drivers will not work on XP.

2. It also appears that some Brother printers have issues with certain fonts. In these cases your Microsoft Word might print just fine but WordPad might not. Speedy Claims defaults to Arial 10pt. Try changing the font in Word to Arial 10pt and see if it prints. If it does this is not the issue.

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