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Dates not printing correctly
Posted by Dan Perrine (Import), Last modified by on 12 April 2010 02:08 PM

Some Windows default configurations may cause your claims to print the Date of Service and Date of Birth incorrectly. The dates will look fine on the screen but print incompletely.

There is a very simple solution to this problem. Changing one Windows default setting will resolve it. Here is how to do it in Windows XP. (Other operating systems may follow a different path but you will end up at the same place and do the same thing.)

We need to navigate to your Windows Control Panel Generally you can get there by clicking on the Start button, then Settings, then Control Panel.

Once you are there look for this icon. The wording under the icon will say something similar to "Regional and Date Settings" but it varies.

Double click this icon to open the Regional Settings Window. What you see may not be exactly like the below but will be similar and will lead you to the right place.

What we need to do is change the Date Format so if you see this window click on the Customize Button.

The next window you see will offer 4 different tabs. Click on the Date tab.

And the final window will be as you see below.

The Short Date Format will be set to M/d/yyyy. Click on the small down arrow and select MM/dd/yyyy instead. Then click Apply and then OK. Your dates will now print correctly.

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