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Field 10 d - Claim Codes
Posted by Dan Perrine, Last modified by Dan Perrine on 28 March 2018 06:51 AM

The “Claim Codes” identify additional information about the patient’s condition or the claim.

INSTRUCTIONS: When applicable, use to report appropriate claim codes. Applicable claim codes are designated by the NUCC. Please refer to the most current instructions from the public or private payer regarding the need to report claim codes.

When required by payers to provide the sub-set of Condition Codes approved by the NUCC, enter the Condition Code in this field. The Condition Codes approved for use on the 1500 Claim Form are available at www.nucc.org under Code Sets.

When reporting more than one code, enter three blank spaces and then the next code.

FOR WORKERS COMPENSATION CLAIMS: Condition Codes are required when submitting a bill that is a duplicate or an appeal. (Original Reference Number must be entered in Box 22 for these situations). Note: Do not use Condition Codes when submitting a revised or corrected bill.

MEDICARE - Use this item exclusively for Medicaid (MCD) information. If the patient is entitled to Medicaid, enter the patient's Medicaid number preceded by MCD.

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