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Download the Installer File from Flash Installer 

Insert your flash drive into your computer and run the installer.

That is all there is too it.

And now you have a portable Speedy Claims that you can use with any Windows computer.

This field is reserved for NUCC use. Leave blank.

MEDICARE - Leave blank.

If you are getting an "Invalid Function Setting" it means the Serial Number you are using to register does not match the software you are trying to register.

This most often occurs when someone purchases a "Suite" with multiple programs and they are using the wrong Serial Number. It is imperative that you use the correct Serial Number for the program. On your Thank You email they will be clearly defined which one to use with which program.

For better or worse, ICD 10 is finally here.

Here are a couple of things you must do in Speedy Claims to make sure you filling the form correctly.

1. If you don't have Version 6.8 of Speedy Claims then you must upgrade your program. Prior version will NOT  work with ICD 10.

2. Make sure you have the latest build of Version 6.8. Use "Check for updates" under the Help menu.

3. Make sure you have selected the correct form in Speedy Claims! Go to your Settings page and select the 02/12 form and click Save.

4. Next, you want to make sure you are indicating to the insurance company that you are using ICD 10 codes instead of ICD 9. In Field 21 there is a small box labeled ICD Ind [ ]. You want to put a ZERO [0] in this box. This is not a SpeedySoft rule. It is a NUCC/Medicare rule. It was designed from the very beginning to have space for only one character.

When you get this message it indicates that the drive has become corrupted and the program will have to be reinstalled.

  • Send an email to customerservice@speedysoftusa.com asking for your Serial Number to be reset. Include your serial number if you know it and/or the personal name and business name used to register it.

  • Download the Installer File from Flash Installer 
  • Insert the flash drive into the computer. You can use your existing flash drive or a new one of your choosing.
  • Run the Installer File to reinstall the program onto the flash drive.
  • Register the Flash Claims using your reset serial number.
  • Once Flash Claims is open click on File then Data Restore. Select your latest backup file to restore your data.

Whenever I open my program, I get an error message that "the application has failed to start because wuw4.dll was not found" and that "reinstalling the application may fix the problem".

Do NOT try to reinstall the Speedy Claims! This message is referring to the Automatic Updater which may not always install correctly due to security settings on your computer.

This is a very easy fix.

  1. Open "My Computer" or "Computer", find your "C" drive and double click it.
  2. Scroll down to find "Program Files (x86)" if you have it. If not then find "Program Files". Double click which ever one you have.
  3. Scroll down to find "Speedy Claims V6" and double click it.
  4. Look for the file named "wuwinstaller". It should be near the bottom of the list. Double click it.
  5. This will install the Automatic Updater for you and you will not see the message again and you will start getting the updater messages.
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