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Have You Met Our Industry Leading Support Team?

The Speedy support team is the backbone of all that we are at SpeedySoft. In fact, we regularly receive testimonials from doctors and administrators all of over the country lauding our customer service team.

We are aware that there are many other software providers that provide little or no service after the sale. From the first day we opened our doors we determined that we were going to provide the best service imaginable on every single product that we offer, before, after and during the sale. Almost a decade later, our service commitment has not changed and we are very proud of our stellar service reputation.

  • FIRST - look in the Quick Start Guide and the Manual included in your software program.

  • SECOND - look in the Knowledge Base below. It is an excellent resource.

  • THIRD - If you need more in depth help or personal assistance call us or start a support ticket below.

Knowledgebase : Support
Certain models of Brother printers will not print claims from Speedy Claims.

Typically what happens is that when you click on Print the printer runs a sheet of paper through but does not print anything on the paper.

1. The most likely cause is that many of the Brother printers that are still on the shelves are not "Vista" compatible printers. Brother has a site where you can download new drivers that will make them work with Vista. It appears that the XP drivers will not work on Vista and Vista drivers will not work on XP.

2. It also appears that some Brother printers have issues with certain fonts. In these cases your Microsoft Word might print just fine but WordPad might not. Speedy Claims defaults to Arial 10pt. Try changing the font in Word to Arial 10pt and see if it prints. If it does this is not the issue.

You sure can! And it is easy!

Download the Installer File from Flash Installer 

Insert your flash drive into your computer and run the installer.

That is all there is too it.

And now you have a portable Speedy Claims that you can use with any Windows computer.

Some Windows default configurations may cause your claims to print the Date of Service and Date of Birth incorrectly. The dates will look fine on the screen but print incompletely.

There is a very simple solution to this problem. Changing one Windows default setting will resolve it. Here is how to do it in Windows XP. (Other operating systems may follow a different path but you will end up at the same place and do the same thing.)

We need to navigate to your Windows Control Panel Generally you can get there by clicking on the Start button, then Settings, then Control Panel.

Once you are there look for this icon. The wording under the icon will say something similar to "Regional and Date Settings" but it varies.

Double click this icon to open the Regional Settings Window. What you see may not be exactly like the below but will be similar and will lead you to the right place.

What we need to do is change the Date Format so if you see this window click on the Customize Button.

The next window you see will offer 4 different tabs. Click on the Date tab.

And the final window will be as you see below.

The Short Date Format will be set to M/d/yyyy. Click on the small down arrow and select MM/dd/yyyy instead. Then click Apply and then OK. Your dates will now print correctly.

If the Updater has access through your firewall and you are connected to the Internet you will see a pop up soon after you either open the software or you click on "Check for Update". It will either tell you that you are using the latest version or it will tell you there is an update available. If you do not see the pop up you are not getting the automatic updates.

How to set up the firewall to accept the updates.
The Speedy Claims Updater uses the standard http protocol port for (port 80) for all its communication with the outside world. Therefore, it is fully compatible with any hardware monitoring of port 80. As with any application's interaction with the 'outside world', you should ensure that WebUpdateSvc.exe is authorised to communicate through any software or hardware firewalls, should these firewalls include facilities for controlling port use on a nominated application basis. If you do not have rights to set accept or deny rules for your software firewall then a rule must be separately created for the Speedy Claims Update by the firewall Administrator. This is not a weakness of the Speedy Claims Updater - as a secure application it should not be able to violate or bypass users' firewall controls. The Speedy Claims Updater populates the outgoing http header 'User-Agent' with the string "Web Update Service". This string allows http: requests from the Speedy Claims Updater to be specifically identified by firewalls or http: request monitoring software which is able to filter on this basis.
If you have self pay patients and you want to create a patient statement and track their payments here is how.

In Speedy Claims create an Insurance entry named "Self-Pay". When you create the claim apply it to the claim. It will now show up in Ledger and you will be able to process the payment.

  • Install the application on all of the machines except the server
  • Copy the formsdb.abs to the network location
  • For each machine open Speedy Claims and go to the Settings Screen
  • Select the Remote option for the Database Location and navigate to the network formsdb.abs

  • Install the application on all of the machines
  • Copy the formsdb.abs and formsmp.abs to your network location
  • On each machine open the Professional Claims and go to the Settings screen
  • Select the Remote option for the Database Location and navigate to the network formsmp.abs
You will only have to do this one time. If you add machines just install the application and set the Database Location to the remote formsmp.abs
Problem - User gets an error message stating they "cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset".

Reason - This is most commonly caused by having more than one copy of the Speedy Claims open at the same time. This can occur when Speedy Claims is improperly closed.

Solution - Close all open software programs and restart the PC. This will ensure that all open copies have been closed properly.
The backup file is an encrypted copy of your database with all it's settings and entries. It is encrypted because it has information about your patients that is sensitive and protected under HIPAA.

The backup file is not meant to be opened and read. It is there for use after a catastrophic failure of your computer. You can rebuild all of your Speedy Claim records in minutes if you have this file. But, if you store it on the same computer as the Speedy Claims and you have a catastrophic failure it will do you no good. It will be lost also. Store your backup files elsewhere. Flash drive, external hard drive, or use a service like Carbonite for remote backup.

For better or worse, ICD 10 is finally here.

Here are a couple of things you must do in Speedy Claims to make sure you filling the form correctly.

1. If you don't have Version 6.8 of Speedy Claims then you must upgrade your program. Prior version will NOT  work with ICD 10.

2. Make sure you have the latest build of Version 6.8. Use "Check for updates" under the Help menu.

3. Make sure you have selected the correct form in Speedy Claims! Go to your Settings page and select the 02/12 form and click Save.

4. Next, you want to make sure you are indicating to the insurance company that you are using ICD 10 codes instead of ICD 9. In Field 21 there is a small box labeled ICD Ind [ ]. You want to put a ZERO [0] in this box. This is not a SpeedySoft rule. It is a NUCC/Medicare rule. It was designed from the very beginning to have space for only one character.

Whenever I open my program, I get an error message that "the application has failed to start because wuw4.dll was not found" and that "reinstalling the application may fix the problem".

Do NOT try to reinstall the Speedy Claims! This message is referring to the Automatic Updater which may not always install correctly due to security settings on your computer.

This is a very easy fix.

  1. Open "My Computer" or "Computer", find your "C" drive and double click it.
  2. Scroll down to find "Program Files (x86)" if you have it. If not then find "Program Files". Double click which ever one you have.
  3. Scroll down to find "Speedy Claims V6" and double click it.
  4. Look for the file named "wuwinstaller". It should be near the bottom of the list. Double click it.
  5. This will install the Automatic Updater for you and you will not see the message again and you will start getting the updater messages.

July 10, 2008: SpeedySoft USA releases new Speedy Claims with integral password protection feature.

The password protection feature is NOT enabled by default but requires the user to activate the feature. Activate by first clicking on the Setup button and then the Settings icon. You will find the password setup box in the lower right corner of this page.


Clicking on the "Set" button will produce the following screen.


Input your desired password and verify it then click the "OK" button.

Go to the top of the page and click on the "Save" icon.

Your password is now set and the Speedy Claims program cannot be opened without entering the correct password.

If you wish to change your password or to disable the password protection go back to the Settings and select the appropriate button.


You will be required to enter your existing password prior to either updating or disabling the password protection.

Please protect your password diligently. If you forget it we will not be able to unlock your program for you over the phone.

If you need to reinstall the software use these links to download the reinstallation program.