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Have You Met Our Industry Leading Support Team?

The Speedy support team is the backbone of all that we are at SpeedySoft. In fact, we regularly receive testimonials from doctors and administrators all of over the country lauding our customer service team.

We are aware that there are many other software providers that provide little or no service after the sale. From the first day we opened our doors we determined that we were going to provide the best service imaginable on every single product that we offer, before, after and during the sale. Almost a decade later, our service commitment has not changed and we are very proud of our stellar service reputation.

  • FIRST - look in the Quick Start Guide and the Manual included in your software program.

  • SECOND - look in the Knowledge Base below. It is an excellent resource.

  • THIRD - If you need more in depth help or personal assistance call us or start a support ticket below.

Knowledgebase : Problem Registering?

Here are the steps to upgrade your older Speedy Claims to V6. 

If you have not already done so, purchase V6

Open your older version of Speedy Claims and create a data backup by clicking on File then Data Backup. Save it to your Desktop so you can easily find it.

Close the older version of Speedy Claims.

Download and install V6 - DOWNLOAD

Open the new V6 and click on Register. Complete the registration process then click on File - Data Restore. Select the backup file on your Desktop then choose Append. This will import all of your existing records into V6.

That's it, you are done!

If you are getting an "Invalid Function Setting" it means the Serial Number you are using to register does not match the software you are trying to register.

This most often occurs when someone purchases a "Suite" with multiple programs and they are using the wrong Serial Number. It is imperative that you use the correct Serial Number for the program. On your Thank You email they will be clearly defined which one to use with which program.

Instructions for recovering Speedy Claims after a PC crash.

On the new system you will have to download the software again. Select the appropriate file from the bottom of this page and follow through with the installation.

If you had the software registered already on a separate PC or on the same PC that has crashed, you will need to have your license number reset so it can be used again. If you do not know your license number we can look it up for you with general information such as name and zip code. For help getting your license number information you can call us toll free at 888-217-2303 xt 3 or email You will be able to reset the license number during the registration process on the new computer.

Once the software is installed and registered you should be ready to continue doing claims. If you have a backup from your previous Speedy Claims, you can go to "FILE" at the top of the program and select "DATA RESTORE" Browse to find your latest backup and select it for the restore.

NOTE: If your previous installation of Speedy Claims was version 3, 4 or 5 you will have to upgrade to version 6 before the serial number will go through. Information on this can be found at

So, you have a new computer and want to move your Speedy Claims and records to it? Here is how to do it without running up against a registration problem.

Check your "Version" # first. In the Speedy Claims open the Help menu then click on About. Your Version # will be there. While you are there write down your serial number. If your Version # is 3, 4 or 5 you will need to upgrade to Version 6 first.

On the old computer -

    • Start Speedy Claims and click on "File" then "Backup Data". Name the file speedybackup and save it onto your desktop. You will get a message stating "XX files backed up". Copy this file onto a flash drive or cd or other movable media.


    • Click on "Help" then "Deregister". This will release your serial number for use on the new computer. This must be done while online or it will fail.

On the new computer -

    • Download and install the software from here. DOWNLOAD


    • Start the software. You will see a popup asking if you want to register now or later. Choose Register Now and then enter your serial number and click continue twice.


    • You will then see another popup asking if you want to go to the Settings page. Again say no.


    • Click on "File" then "Data Restore". Be sure your flash drive or cd is inserted and then navigate to the speedybackup file on it. Double click the file and there will be a popup asking if you want to Append or Overwrite the database. Choose Append and all your data will be inserted into the new install.

Click on the "Claims List" to make sure all your files are there. You may have to click on the CMS 1500 form first then click on the Claims List to show the files.

If you need to reinstall the software use these links to download the reinstallation program.