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ub-04 software

Speedy UB04 is the simplest and most powerful UB-04 insurance claim form software available anywhere.
Find out why more customers switch to Speedy UB04 than any other UB-04 software.

easy ub 04 software
Step 1. View the UB-04 on your screen
Step 2. Fill in the blanks and hit print
           or send electronically.
fast ub-04 software
Once customized based on your practice, new claims start with all your practice data already filled in. With every claim your information is saved for reuse.

powerful ub 04 software
Every single claim is saved in the “Claim List” allowing you to keep track of everything regardless of the size of your practice.

reliable ub04 software
Speedy UB04 works the way you want it to and is the perfect companion to your other popular office programs.

ub 04 software benefits

Speedy UB04 has more features than any other software on the market designed to make your claim processing
as simple, fast and reliable as possible.

*FREE TRIAL* Try Speedy UB-04 on us for 30 days and discover just how easy it is to use this software. At the end of 30 days you can either purchase a license and keep on using it or simply uninstall it from your computer. Download Now

ub04 solution

Speedy UB04 Lite

Includes all the great features and benefits but for Paper Claims only!

If you only need to print your claims then this is the program for you!

Print onto the preprinted red forms or print your own forms using red or black ink.

Upgrade to include electronic claims at any time!

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Speedy UB04 Advanced

The Full Power Speedy Solution
on Your Office Computer

Includes all the great features and benefits of Speedy Claims Lite PLUS the ability to send your claims electronically through a clearing house. (and still print to paper when needed)

Take advantage of the quick turn around and lower cost of electronic claims.

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